Ford Certified Collision Network

Enneking Auto Body is a Certified Ford Collision Center

Ford is one of the leading global car manufacturers, known around the world for the lasting quality, reliability on the road, and the safety of their vehicles. When you visit Enneking Auto Body, whether you come to our body shop in Greensburg or our collision center in Batesville, you can rest assured that our unique repair process and our commitment to customer service and satisfaction will bring your Ford back to its factory specifications.

To bring our repair services up to the Ford collision repair standards, our trained technicians continuously refine their skills and use the best tools in the trade. That’s why we are proudly a part of the Ford Certified Collision Network, to ensure top-quality auto body repair along with stellar customer service for your peace of mind.

The best way to bring your Ford back to its pre-accident condition and restore that beautiful factory finish is to choose a (FCCN) body repairing facility with a proven track record and a commitment to its customers. That’s why when you find yourself in Southeast Indiana and you think “are there any auto body shops open near me that specialize in Ford repairs”, think Enneking Auto Body.

We not only use the right parts and tools, but we continuously undergo extensive training and education to ensure the satisfaction of all Ford vehicle owners, and to retain the trust of the Ford Brand. From our auto body repair shop in Batesville to our Ford body shop in Greensburg, we are fully equipped and trained to provide the best collision repair services in the state of Indiana.

Following Strict OEM Procedures for Collision Repair

The Ford brand offers nothing but the best driving experience, safety, and comfort to its customers, and as a Ford certified auto body shop, we promise to do the same. We are determined to make Indiana a safer place for all drivers and pedestrians, and to achieve this, we continuously improve our repair process while ensuring every Ford vehicle is fixed according to manufacturer specifications.

If you’ve been in a car accident in Southeast Indiana, and you start to wonder “where can I find the best auto collision repair near me”, but you want a Ford collision center specifically, look no further than Enneking Auto Body in Batesville and Greensburg.

At Enneking Auto Body, we fix all Ford vehicles, using cutting-edge technology, and the skilled hands of our trained technicians. Whether it’s paint repair you need to restore your Ford’s factory finish or if you need aluminum repairs, electronic systems repairs and more, we are here to provide a comprehensive service.

Manufacturer Certified Ford Repairs in Batesville and Greenburg

Since 1954, Enneking Auto Body has been serving the good people of Southeast Indiana by restoring vehicles to their pre-accident condition. Our mission is to provide the best collision repair services in the state, and to make Indiana a safer place to live life to the fullest.

To achieve this and make our communities safe for all, we use the skills and expertise of our trained technicians, while our friendly staff ensures that our customers feel right at home. Whether your Ford needs some touch up paint to get rid of those annoying paint chips or if you’ve been in an accident and need certified auto body repair, know that you can always lean on Enneking Auto Body.

We are not only trusted by Ford, but we are also a trusted name among insurance companies across the state of Indiana, known for our commitment to our customers and their vehicles. When you bring your vehicle down to our collision centers in Southeast Indiana, you will leave with a lifetime warranty that guarantees you can come back to us at any time. We want you to rest assured that Enneking Auto Body is here to support you and ensure your safety on the road now and in the years to come.

Visit Enneking Auto Body for Certified Ford Repairs

The Enneking Auto Body team is here to bring your Ford back to its original condition. You can get in touch with us for certified collision repair services via phone or email, or you can drop by one of our collision centers in Batesville and Greenburg. Alternatively, you can get a free estimate by using our handy Free Estimate tool, so that you can compare your options quickly and easily.

We invite you to become a part of the Enneking Auto Body brand and put your trust in our experience and expertise. Ford trusts us, so rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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